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      Two black and white border collies sitting on top of rocks at Cadillac Mountain with sunrise in the backround

      Less Drama More Nature was inspired by our border collies, Brody & Shelby, who introduced us to hiking and taught us the importance of spending time in nature. They will live forever in our hearts.  

      – John & Dana

          Two dogs in a boat with blue skys 

      We believe in evolving....stretching, reaching and growing....and want to live a life rich with experiences. We value having an open mind and questioning the status quo. We love to head off the beaten path and explore the mysteries of the natural world. Through this this journey of exploration, our goal is to expand our consciousness.
      We hope you will follow along and that we can inspire you to open your mind and make changes in your own life to grow, evolve and expand your consciousness!
      “If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness."
      - Les Brown
      Through various adventures we have reinvented ourselves several times.  Our adventures have taken us from working in the corporate world while living in Connecticut; to working for small businesses while living in the Florida Keys; and then to working for ourselves while living on the shores of Cape Cod.

      Clouds and sun shining over deep blue ocean with white capped waves at Cape Cod National Seashore      White capped waves crashing on sandy shoreline at Cape Cod National Seashore

      Throughout our lives, one theme has always been consistent….our love of nature!   We are outdoor enthusiasts who love to spend time in nature:  walking, hiking, horseback riding, scuba diving and most recently, camping with our travel trailer.  It’s how we achieve work / life balance.

      Male scuba diver waving from boat with rock arch in background      Female dressage rider doing extended trot across riding ring on bay mare

       Less Drama More Nature was created after a particularly difficult year of change:  the loss of our two dogs to cancer, a parent diagnosed with cancer and a drama filled holiday season to finish out the year. It was time to re-balance and we felt the Universe pushing us in a new direction….away from the drama and back to NATURE!

      Female hiker standing in wavy red rock alcove      Male standing by faces carved in rock in Belize

      In a world where we are surrounded by drama – in the news, politics and social media – it is easy to get caught up in negative vibes and become addicted to drama and technology.  As we become surrounded by increasingly sophisticated technology, life is getting more complicated and we seem to be losing our connection to nature and all of the benefits it has to offer.  
      Being in nature is balancing:  it clears our minds, challenges our bodies and nourishes our souls.  Nature provides a sense of the how massive the universe is; our problems seem less significant and we can put things in perspective.  


      View from behind of older couple sitting on bench enjoying sunset over green marsh and water at Greys Beach on Cape Cod
      “There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are
      becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature”
      – Henry David Thoreau

      Through our life experiences and based on wise advice from those many years ahead of us, we have learned that if you wait too long to pursue your dreams, they may never come to fruition.  Our time here is a gift; it is precious and short.  As we enter our fifties, we realize we still have so much we want to see and do.....and waiting is no longer an option.  So with a big push from the Universe, we are ready to stretch, reach and grow again. This reinvention will take us towards a simpler life via adventures with our travel trailer on a journey away from drama to reconnect with nature! 


      And Away We Go…

      Male and female hikder posing for pictuer in front of grand canyon